"Anna, why do you want to leave home? I thought you liked being a nurse here in New Orleans?" My brother Lance asked me. "I do. I just want something different. Dad told me before he died to be spontaneous, try something new. Besides, I can't be here anymore, Lance. We live in a big city, yes, but I feel crowded here. I want to branch out, be on my own." I told him.

"Why can't you do that here?"

"Because I don't want to! Trust me, I love it here, but the entire family is trying to run my life! Who I see, where I work, how I live. I can't handle it anymore! I promise to keep in touch as much as possible, but I need to leave. I need to find myself." I told him. "Everyone always leaves. They never think about us." Lance said. "You're 17, Lance. Rachel, Isaac, and I can't always bring you along. Besides, you can always visit me in Chicago." I tell him. "It won't be the same. Where will you live in Chicago? With all your student loans, how will you even survive by yourself?" I laugh and hug him. "I've already found a place. I've been saving up for the last 4 years for this. Trust me, I've got this." I tell him. Lance closes the trunk of my car and hugs me. "I love you, Anna. Promise me you'll call everytime you stop." He said. "I promise. I love you, Lance."

"I love you too, Alanna." I say my goodbyes to my family and start out on my 14 hour drive to Chicago.