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"On the days we're busy and pass each other a cherry blossom kiss would be painful,
It's a glorious love,

Let's accept each other's weaknesses,
The love we have is invincible,
We bloom and the two of us are the leading roles"

Sakura Kiss - 越智 千恵子 (Chieko Ochi)





- Of course, they know their identities from the get-go since Fu had to (kidnap) borrow them for a while and explain everything before handing them their miraculous.

- Don't question how he did it- he's a ninja turtle.

- Kwamis are still there though; only Tikki and Plagg can come out of their dormant miraculous by the guardian's commands.

- This kissing rule only applies to Marinette and Adrien- every other past Ladybugs and Black Cats had different rituals whilst other miraculous holders have a simple "Transforme-Moi" phrase.

- Marinette is quite against it at first, apprehensive, scared and insecure. Her counterpart on the other hand...

"So you're telling me that in order to transform into a super cool cat hero to beat C?ur de Pierre, I have to kiss her? The prettiest girl I've ever seen who looks like she could kick my ass? I don't mind as long as she's okay with it."


- Their first kiss is really shy and sweet, a first for both of them. Lasting a few seconds before finding themselves covered in a flash of light and then in their super-suits.

- Things go similarly to canon. Duo messes up, Marinette chickens out and gives up whilst Adrien's persistently scouring for her. Once he successfully sneaks into the school as per canon's origins, he spots her.



The petite girl was immediately tackled to the floor by the blonde tornado in the form of an embrace one would expect from a long-distance lover, much to the mayor's daughter's distaste and outrage and everyone else's pleasant surprise.

She blinked a few times in shock from the ground and peered at the golden mop of hair tucked under her neck, his strong arms tightened around her in an iron grip.

Her face went beet red and it took her everything to not squeal like a broken kettle whilst he hopelessly blubbered out things like: 'How could you leave me!?', 'I can't save Paris on my own!' and 'You don't just kiss a guy and run away!'. Everyone was going to get the wrong idea-

"I didn't know you had a boyfriend, Marinette~ And THE Adrien Agreste to boot!" Alya teased from above as she lifted the duo up with ease despite Adrien's refusal to let go of Cheng. His face was still hidden in the nape of her neck.

Meanwhile, Kim, Max and Alix were restraining a demonic Chloé in the background whose screams were ignored whilst she practically breathed out fire like a raging dragon.

"Boyfriend? I'm her partner." Adrien answered innocently, finally showing his face. He squished his cheeks against the deadpanned looking Marinette, quirky smile on his lips as everyone else took a double-take at his words. Was it possible for students in 4ème to get married!?

"Can you excuse us for a minute, please? Thanks!" Marinette stormed off with a love-struck Adrien being led by the wrist, her ears still tinted in a brilliant red from embarrassment and fluster.

- The duo argue for a bit. Adrien was super upset and betrayed by how she gave the miraculous away to Alya. Marinette was pissed with how she shouldn't be obliged to do something that she didn't sign up for, especially since they've seen firsthand how she has ruined everything.

- Adrien: "So that's it...? Fine... but don't mistake this as me giving up on you. I've seen your potential and know why ma?tre has chosen you. I'll make you see how amazing you are, even if it takes me a thousand years! That's a promise."

- He gives her an intense, soulful look, kissing the backs of her hands chastely before making his way to class. Marinette feels her heart skip a beat and so did Adrien.

- The chewing gum incident doesn't happen; the two are just tense around each other and spend most of their time directing longing gazes at one another.

- As per canon, Alya gets in trouble and Marinette dons the Miraculous back on in order to save her. She finds Adrien trying to fight C?ur de Pierre with just a frying pan and some strange bandana wrapped around his forehead.

- She pushes him away seconds before he could get hit, rolling them over till he's the one shielding her body in a secluded space.

"You...you came back...why?" Adrien gasped quietly, hope bubbling in his chest as he peered down into the girl's vivid, sky blue eyes. They shone with a determination and resilience that he has never seen before on anyone, ever.

"Seeing my partner and my new friend in trouble do have its perks," Marinette smirked. It quickly turned into an apologetic frown. "Listen, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have deserted you like that and let my insecurities take over me. You know what I'm going through the most and I just-"

She was silenced with a finger on her lips- or was it the fond, loving smile of his that radiated pure sunshine?

"What matters the most is that you came back, Marinette," The way he breathed out her name did wonders to her heart, resulting in the organ ricocheting within her chest. Was she falling for him? "I'll follow you, protect you and help you all the way...no matter what. You and me against the world!"

Marinette couldn't help but melt with bliss. If she can't do it for Paris, then the very least she can do is do it for him. She'll protect his smile with all her might...always!

"Guess it only took you two hours to get me back on track," The dark-haired girl grinned cutely, clasping her arms around Adrien's neck before pulling him in for a well-timed kiss, making the boy swoon with adoration.

This kiss was much more resolute and tender as it powered their transformation, the glittering light of the magic making the experience so much more phenomenal and indescribable. With a soft kiss to her knuckles, Chat Noir followed his Lady on their mission to purify the akuma.

- Rest of the fight goes as per canon~ Adrien acknowledges that he's fallen in love with her after Marinette vowed to protect Paris against Le Papillon. Marinette acknowledges her love for Adrien when he handed her the umbrella in the rain. A perfect coup de foudre.

- If they have their miraculous on, they can't kiss each other on the lips or else they'll risk transforming at the wrong time.

- Even if one of them doesn't have their miraculous on, the other will transform.

- After a while, Tikki and Plagg manage to upgrade through Marinette's and Adrien's soul bond, thus giving them the ability to transform without kissing with a simple "Transforme-Moi!" phrase.

- However, the transformation will only last for five minutes and they can't use their lucky charm, cleansing light or cataclysm. They have to kiss for the full package.

- Since this show is full of people with half a brain cell, let's have Adrien and Marinette madly in love with each other but hopelessly blind to the others' affections. Alya completely loses her patience when it comes to these two and pretty much the rest of the idiotic duo's peers.

- Luckily, they can freely kiss as Ladybug and Chat Noir. They use this as an excuse to practise kissing when in reality they just wanna be typical teens and indulge in snogging.

- When asked about the nature of their relationship, the duo are quick to fluster and blurt out random things.

- Ladybug accidentally blurts out that they're married when Alya hounds them. The Parisian shippers die with happiness (and so does Adrien). Because of this, they've no choice but to play along when suited up. Fake marriage here we gooooooo~

"Wait- You're married!? No offence Ladybug but you look so young! Younger than me even," Alya squealed out. The little girl inside her was bouncing off the walls, getting firsthand knowledge that her OTP is canon.

"I-I-I'm only five-thousand years old eheheh..." Ladybug chuckled out nervously, refusing to meet Chat's bewildered gaze and playing with her fingers as her cheeks sported a bright rosy hue.

"Y-Yeah- and I'm only- err- s-seven thousand years old! Yes! Hahah! Can't tell with these meowtastic looks, non?" Noir played along, hoping no one saw his love-struck, hopeful face. "I don't think Paris would be as accepting of us if we were old, grey seniors, waltzing with the akumas."

"Ye-eeeeah! That would be a disaster! Eek- we've to go- ehem, D-D-Darling. The k-kids are waiting," Ladybug tugged on his wrist urgently, ignoring Alya's inquisitive squawks about their 'kids'.

"As you wish, my dear Wife," Chat cackled at Ladybug's scowl, sneaking a sloppy kiss on her cheek with a big 'MWAH!' before vaulting them both off at high speeds.

- Despite not being able to kiss, Marinette and Adrien make do in other ways. Adrien loves holding her, pressing his forehead against hers or even simple hand-holding. Marinette enjoys turning him into a hot mess by kissing his cheek, also holding his hand or simply mentioning how lucky she is to have him.

- They make it a game in who could out-fluster the other from time to time. You ought to think that they'd know that their feelings are mutual right now. (?_?)

- They are joint to the hip. Always close. Seat buddies, walking the other home, sneaking out and so on.





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