Paint a pretty painting all in red

Crimson and black spots.


Dream a little dream until you're dead

He was only dreaming if he thought he could win her heart.

And yet again I find

As all resolve unwinds

He promised he wouldn't tell her again.

To leave me cast away from grace

I'm left to face reproof

But he couldn't stop himself. Even though he knew it was useless.

With all my thoughts reduced

To broken vows and wrinkled lace

She spurned his advances again, his gift left crushed on the ground.

I've grown to hate your smile

So pure and infantile

Incomprehensibly naive

That smileā€¦ he used to love her smile, but now it makes him sick.

But to resist...

It is a lesson in futility

And yet, even as his stomach filled with nausea, his heart filled again with longing.

Once more the want of you

Only you

Consumes my fantasies through the night

Another dream awakes him. From every dream, he awakes to find himself alone again.

So I cry out your name

And I sigh out in vain

Another poem to losing my mind

He's already lost his mind. He lost it to her when he lost his heart.

Paint a pretty painting all in red

She's beautiful


He's not his own. Not since he met her.

Dream a little dream until you're dead

He knows it's all a dream that will never come true.

Your tender lips are all I see

A crimson vision cursing my destiny

He was cursed to be alone. A black cat doomed to eternal suffering.

Never ask a question

He shouldn't have asked her.

Never tell, no yearning

He shouldn't have told her.

Fall in love and you fall into hell

Love is agony, such bittersweet torment.

Is there no turning back?

Can he ever go back? Is there any way to forget this feeling in his chest? Does he even want to?

For no one knows but God above

Only God can see if he'll ever be free of this torment, but in his heart he believes he never will.

My love

AN: So, this isn't that great. Purely self indulgent bit I wrote awhile back because the song reminds me of Adrian. Since this seems to be the season for Chat Noir pain, it seemed like a good time to post it The song is a translation of "Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi", or "Two Heartbeats and a Red Sin".