The Last Word

There was a girl with so beautiful blue eyes and so lovely long curly hair, it was completely blond, but the points were a kind of light brown, her skin was light as the sand in the beach and was so fragile to the sun, by this time she kept her real personality in secret but just her friends know her, or also for asking her for something.

Its different in the school since it was for special person but, no one talks to her, but she looked like she didn't care much but the boys are all secretly in love with her since she was pure and nice on her personality. Its not only her who is different in the school, there's a lot types of people there, some of them have special power and some with super impressive abilities that no normal human seen before. The name was named after a Japanese legend as she was born during a Solar eclipse, her name is Sakura Suzuki and she is the most beautiful girl in Tokyo Japan.

Sakura, like other girls she didn't have the perfect life all the girls wanted, the other girl was waiting for a prince to confess to her and a happy life in a castle, But Sakura didn't believe that was true, well the boys made the girls feel like a dream. Sakura just didn't care about boys, she spend her time reading and writing stories also she wanted a birthday party like all the normal had but instead her family never celebrate her birthday cause every time Sakura's birthday a solar eclipse occurs in the same day.

Some scientist was always studying about the eclipse that represented Sakura's birthday, its like Sakura was born with something especial or something different to other people. Passing all this Sakura never had showed in a normal school, with normal people but instead she goes to a school with people like her, with special abilities. There was a girl named Luna that she was different, she was a wolf girl and like Sakura she was born during a special event. Luna's skin was a bit darker than Sakura's, her hair was a beautiful brown and her eyes were a beautiful green. Ayano was the best friend of Sakura and Luna, Ayano's hair was half white and half red cause her power was the ice and fire, also her hair was long until it reached the waist.

Sakura wasn't like the other girls and boys, she was special in her own way that's why she has a huge heart. When she was a little girl, Sakura saved a little Pegasus trying to fly from falling to the water and that day was precious to her and her new pet horse, now both love each other, they also go in adventures near the normal people. She always asked her self ¨how it feels to be normal? ¨ By the day she was in the school but in the dark she was asking her self confusing questions about the normal people that Sakura learned about them in the night with her pet horse.

By the moment Sakura didn't know about her power but she looked that she didn't care that much, her friends always told her that it might show later or in a certain period but know she must learn about taking care about herself and protect her self from the humans and she was so excellent at it, so she needed to worry that much about it. She also asked her self what would happened if the humans get to see her and know that she was "Different" from the others? Sakura clearly didn't want this to happened, so she was careful when she visited the village of the normal humans.