Harry Potter and the Shadowed Light

Chapter 43


"Before we start, I have some announcements to make," Dumbledore said, ignoring the whispers, even the students were talking about him before of skeeters articles.

"As many of you have probably gathered this year, we are being treated to another new defence teacher, it is my pleasure to introduce you all to Alastor Moody, who many of you undoubtedly know by reputation. Still let's all give him a hand," dumbledore said, clapping.

A few students clapped, Harry being one as he did respect the scarred auror. He hoped that the man would realise Dumbledore was going senile and abandon him and his cause.

"My other announcement is that this year, quidditch will be cancelled, in favour of something even more exciting" the initial reaction cut off then as people waited to see what was about to be said, "This year, Hogwarts will be the proud hosts of the Tri-Wizard Torment."

The whispers exploded again at the announcement; Harry however frowned; he couldn't shake the feeling something bad would happen.

"I know you're all excited, I trust whoever is chosen will give a good showing and prove to be a great representative of Hogwarts and our values."

As the students slowly exited the hall, Albus stood before turning to face his staff and waving his wand to close the doors.

"The tri-wizard tournament, really Albus? You couldn't have warned us?" McGonagall grumbled.

Albus winced at the various looks, ranging from shock to anger being sent his way by his staff, "now my dear teachers, I merely wished to surprise you all alongside the students," he led, he knew they would hinder his plans if they knew, especially Fillus, the part goblin had ben a thorn in his side even since Potter joined his school.

"Well, you've certainly succeeded," Madame Pomfrey replied, I mean really Albus, I'm going to be overrun because you've decided that, that death game should be reinstated."

"I'm sure it won't be as bad as you fear, only student who are of age shall be able to enter, and I will ensure there are protections on all picked."

"Still, you should have told us Albus," Fillus said, "given us time to prepare."

"My dears, you have nothing to worry about. I have planned everything."

Fillus didn't let it show, but that was what he feared, he didn't trust the headmaster anymore, and felt this would end up being another one of his plots to attack on of his ravens.

"When will the other schools be coming? What schools are they?" Minerva demanded, still bristling that she hadn't been told.

"Dumstrang and Beuxbatons will be joining us in three weeks, with members of their sixth- and seventh-year classes."

"And where will they be staying; will they be joining our classes?" Severus asked, speaking up. He had known this was coming, Sirius had flooed him in a state, demanding answers only to realise the potions master knew less than him.

"They will provide their own accommodations, while their education will be covered by us. I'm sure a few extra smiling faces will not cause any of you any problems."

Pomona frowned, "still Albus, some warning next time. My badgers will no doubt be in a tizzy hearing the news, and I hardly feel much better. There was a reason it was banned you know."

"I'm sure your badger will be fine, and just think you could possibly have the tri-wizard champion among them, and of you could," he added.

Snape sneered; "I would hope my Slytherins have more sense than to enter such a ridiculous competition."

Albus laughed, "come now my dear boy, have some fun. I'm sure your student will enter just like the rest," although he hoped not, he didn't want a snake for a champion, "now, I think Pomona was correct, you should all probably get to your common rooms, you will no doubt be questioned by some excited students."

The heads of houses all shared grim looks, not looking forward to the next few hours.

"it's a dangerous game you're playing, Albus," Moody said quietly, so that only Albus heard as he followed the older man from the room.

I have no idea what you mean my old friend, the tournament is a great opportunity for our students to learn and interact."

Alastor scowled, not buying it, "just be careful, old friend."

Albus fought not to frown, he shouldn't be questioned by the likes of Moody, to hide his frustration he instead laughed, "you worry to much Alastor, its just a little competition."


Harry sat through the introduction speech, watching as the older years visibly struggled with the news the that the tri-wizard tournament was back. Some looked excited but most looked grim faced and confused, much different from how the older Gryffindor's had reacted.

"You should know my Lord, that when asked, magic will aid those she favours," Luna said, absently twirling a piece of her hair.

Harry hummed, "and does she favour me?"

"You're going to make her great again."

"... regarding the news of the tournament, well, we don't know much. Although I do know it was banned because of a high death toll in 1792, so I for one won't be entering," this year's seventh year prefect said. That got the crowd to hush and drew Harry's attention.

"Well said Mr. Fernandez," Flitwick's voice said, as their head of house wove through the crowd, coming to a stop when he reached the front, "hello, as many of you know I am your head of house, Fillus Flitwick, I am the charms master here at Hogwarts. Now usually I would spend this time getting to know you all, but I'm going to delay that in favour of answering some of your questions. But first, the tri-wizard tournament isn't some game, it is a dangerous and deadly competition that shouldn't be taken lightly. The headmaster has assured me that only wizards and witches of age will be able to enter so rest assured most of you will not be able to enter, still those that can, I urge you to use caution and think carefully. Although a great honour, the champion will face untold dangers. The two schools that will be joining us are Durmstrang, based in northern Europe, and Beuxbatons, based in the south of France. Now I will take some questions."

Harry was reminded again how much better Fillus was as a head of house compared to McGonagall, his old head of house had left them floundering every year, never taking the time to talk to them unless it was about punishing them. He didn't hate the old tabby, but it was a near thing. She didn't have time for all her responsibilities, and her lions, which used to include him, suffered for it. Her hands off approach, Harry now realised, did more harm than good.

"Why did the headmaster bring it back if its so dangerous?" a male voice shouted.

Fillus didn't smirk but it was a near thing, he was proud his students were smart enough to question the headmasters' illogical decisions of late, "I am not privy to the headmasters' thoughts, but the competition is good for international relations and connections, you will have the opportunity to learn from the other schools and their students, something I expect you all to take advantage of."

"When will they get here?"

"They are due to arrive in two weeks, I am told the names for the champions will be drawn at the end of October. The tournament will take part throughout the year, consisting of three tasks."

"Is that why we need formal robes?"

"The robes are for the yule ball. This year the winter holidays will be shorter, or rather you will only be able to return home after the Yule ball, which will be held on the 21st of December. The ball is a tradition of the tournament. One that will be open to fourth years and up, unless invited as a date. First through to third years are able to go home on the 17th for the holidays or wait and go home with the rest on the 22nd."

"Do we have to go to the ball?" somebody else asked.

Fillus frowned, "I suppose that only champions are required to attend, though it will be an opportunity to have some fun."

Although the crowd still muttered nobody shouted out. Harry though decided to ask some questions.

"How will the champions be chosen?" he asked.

Fillus fought not to frown, he knew Harrison was probably wary of the tournament, with good reason, "that is a good question Mr Potter-Black, rest assured it is an unbiased magical artefact that choses the champions, the tri-wizard cup is as old as the games themselves and picks the champions."

Harry nodded, he wanted to roll his eyes, it might be old, but it was fooled once in his last life, and he didn't doubt it would somehow be fooled again.

"Will the students be with us in classes and such?" Luna asked from beside him.

"They will be joining our sixth and seventh years in their classes, there shouldn't be any younger students than that joining us, as they are unable to compete. They will however not be sleeping in the castle."

"So just to clarify, if we opt, can we go home on the 17th for the holidays if we're not a champion?"

"As far as I am aware that shouldn't be a problem, Mr Potter-Black."

Harry nodded, this was like last time, "thank you sir," he said, smiling in honest gratitude to the part-goblin.

"Think nothing of it, Mr Potter-Black, now does anybody else have any questions?"

The silence that followed answered his question, nodding he smiled at his ravens, "if you wish to compete do not think I judge you, I would be proud to have a Ravenclaw as a champion and will do everything in my power to help you compete and win, but I do plead that you all, those that are able, to really consider the consequences of being a champion before applying."

With that he left, only stopping to talk to and introduce himself to the newest ravens that had joined his nest.

Harry felt his measure of respect for the short man grow, he really was a great head of house.


Harry sat with Hannah and Susan waiting for their first defence lesson, once again Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs were together for defence this year. From the whispers going around the school, Harry summarised that Barty hadn't been far off in his impersonation of Moody. The old auror was just as intense, paranoid and skilled as Harry remembered, his lessons just as fun.

The door slamming open drew Harry, as well as everybody else's, attention, and the room fell silent as the scarred figure of Alastor Moody shuffled in.

"Right, you lot, you have no doubt heard of me, the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, let's not waste time. Yes, this is what happens when you take a curse or two to the face, no, I will not answer questions about it. Yes, I put a lot of wizards in Azkaban, no, I don't regret it, even if they happen to be related to you. Now I am here to teach you how to defend yourselves, that is what I will do. You will sit down, shut up and listen when I talk, and hopefully you will walk away from my lessons having learnt something. Are we clear?"

Harry fought not to laugh as the room held its breath as Moody ranted. The man certainly had presence. The question received silence before a few of the braver souls in the class nodded, some even verbally agreeing.

Moody's eyes visibly whirled around, no doubt cataloguing who was in his class, and what he knew about them. Harry felt it linger on him and wondered if that man was already in Dumbledore's pocket. He hoped not.

"You've had some good teacher in the past, and some, well, teachers. My aim is to fill in the gaps they've left. So, for now let's focus on curses. The three most famous curses would be?" he asked.

The room hesitated before hands slowly went up.

"Yes you," he pointed at Padma.

"The unforgivables?" she answered hesitantly.

"And they are?" he asked.

"Erm, the imperius curse..." she responded.

Moody nodded, "right you are. The imperius curse... nasty curse that. Gave the ministry a lot of trouble at the end of the last war. Care to guess why?"

"It, erm, it makes you do stuff?"

"Is that a question or an answer missy?"

"An answer sir."

"Correct, the Imperius curse. Hard to detect if you don't know what to look for. If forces the casters will on the victims, can make a man kill his whole family. Had a lot of victims, or rather those who claimed to be victims, at the end of the last war. Many of the followers of you-know-who apparently were victims, if you're to believe them that is."

The class looked around, clearly uncomfortable with the insinuation that people lied. Harry wondered if he did this same speech with his Slytherin and Gryffindor classes, how he wished to see that, especially Draco's reaction. Not that Moody was wrong, still, the man had balls for saying it.

"Does anybody know the incantation?" Moody asked

Harry shifted slightly, drawing the electric blue eye of Moody.

"What about you, Potter-Black?"

"Imperio," Harry responded blandly.

"Correct," Moody said, "what about the other curses boy?"

"Cruciatus Curse and The Killing Curse, sir."

Moody nodded, a feral grin stretching across his face, "right you are, should have know you would know the answer to them."

Harry allowed an eyebrow to rise, "oh?"

Moody ignored him and continued, "like Potter-Black said; the Cruciatus Curse, known as The Torture Curse. Pain like you've never known, enough to drive you mad. The incantation, Crucio. And the Killing Curse, Avada Kedavra, does like it says, it kills instantly, the only defence is to not get hit. There has only ever been one known survivor and he's he with us."

Harry allowed his displeasure to show but didn't comment.

"Now why are they known as unforgivable? There are lots of other nasty curse out there that don't get that title."

Hannah raised her hand.


"Well… it's like you said, you can't defend against them."

Moody nodded, "a good guess, and you're not wrong, but why else?"

Harry put his hand up, again feeling the burn of Moody's magical eye.

"To successfully cast any of the three, you have to mean it. You must want your victim dead or hurt. You have to believe and will your magic."

Moody's focus grew, "right you are, a very good answer that. Not many know such information, especially at such a young age."

"My guardians thought I should be educated about such things, given who I am and my past."

"Sirius Black?" Moody said, "a good auror he was, shame what happened to him, not a good place to be Azkaban. A real shame."

gritting his teeth, at the blasé attitude towards Sirius, and his imprisonment, Harry responded, "indeed sir."

"Now I have permission slips for you to send off to your parents. I will be holding a demonstration of what these curses look like next week, and in the case of the imperious what it feels like to be under it, that is if you're brave enough to volunteer and for all for those whose parents agree."

The class broke out in whispers, even Hannah and Susan joining in.

"I hope my aunt agrees, it would be educational," Susan whispered, before adding, "I think she would. She respects Mr Moody."

"I don't know, casting them is illegal. Can he even do that?" Hannah replied.

"you'll find that for some people the law doesn't matter, as long as it 'for the greater good'," Harry muttered

"You think this is one of dumbledores plots?"

"Moody wouldn't be allowed to even attempt this without dumbledore agreeing."

"Still, what do you think, are you going to go?"

"I think I will, it will be interesting at least."

"I hope he's not with Dumbledore, my aunt really likes him," Susan said.

"Hopefully he had enough sense to realise dumbledore is losing the plot," Hannah added.

Harry smiled, "hopefully," he agreed.

A bang drew their attention, Moody had slammed a fist onto the table.

"Now that I've got your attention again, lets continue. we've covered curses, what other spells are good for defence?"

A few hands rose.

"Shield charms?" Anthony Goldstein answered

"Shields, a good answer. A decent shield will hold against most curses, master a shield and you've got a good basic defence. What else?"

"a patronus," Harry said.

"Oh, what do you know about patroni? Not that you're wrong but explain your answer."

"They can be used to fight off dementors and lethifolds, they can also be used as messengers."

"Excellent work, take 5 points for Ravenclaw lad. The patronus, one of the harder spells to master, it's a good defence against dark creatures. Not many adults' witches or wizards can cast a corporal one."

"What about counter curses?" Su Lee said,

"Oh? You're not wrong, but do you know how to counter all of the curses you could potentially encounter?"

"Well, no, but…"

Moody interrupted, "no, knowing a counter curse is good, but the chances are slim that you will, no, the best defence? Anybody?"

"Not getting hit," Harry said.

"Precisely, dot get hit."

"But sir, how?" Ernie McMillan asked.

"That's what you're going to learn."

The rest of the lesson was just as manic and entertaining as Harry had remembered Barty's being. Moody was loud, brash and full of knowledge and Harry could see the class enjoyed it. As it came to an end, Moody handed out the forms for his demonstration on the unforgivables.

"Potter-Black, stay after class," he said gruffly.

Hannah and Susan paused in their packing away, sharing a grim look of determination, seeing it, he sent his puffs a smile, "it's okay," he whispered, nodding to Moody whose eyes had narrowed on the two girls.

Once the other students had left, Hannah and Susan visibly reluctant, Harry turned to the old auror.

"You wanted to speak to me sir?"

"Got yourself some loyal friends there," he commented.

"I know, I'm lucky, I truly couldn't ask for better friends."

They fell into silence, again Harry felt the eye boring into him.

"You're an interesting kid, got a lot of obscure knowledge rattling around in that brain, a lot of dark knowledge too if I'm not wrong."

Harry titled his head in a slight nod, "I've led an interesting life so far, and been taught a lot."

"I meant what I said, before about Sirius. What happened to him was a damn shame. He was one of the best we had. I'm not surprised he's teaching you some of the tricks of the trade."

Harry nodded, "what happened was unjust but luckily he's recovered now."

"Good, that good."

They fell into silence again. Harry wondering if the man meant it about Sirius, Moody was brutally honest and rather straight forward. He probably did regret that an innocent man went to jail, especially as now that Sirius was out, he hated the ministry and the light.

"Was there something you wanted professor?" Harry eventually asked after a minute of staring at the auror, willing himself not to blink.

"I wanted to see you, Albus, that's the headmaster to you, he warned me about you, told me to keep an eye on you. Fears you're going to go down a dark path. Do you know why?"

"Me and the headmaster have a turbulent relationship at best. I find myself often wondering why he does or thinks anything, so no, I wouldn't like to hazard a guess."

"He's a great man Dumbledore, done many great things in his time."

"I don't disagree. Still his, shall we say interest, in me is troubling."

Moody smirked, "I don't disagree," he quoted back.

"So… you wanted me to stay behind so I would know that you're watching me?" Harry asked


"But doesn't that defeat the purpose. If I am truly going down a dark path, then I know now you're watching."

Moody's smirk grew into a toothy grin, "oh boy, if you know or not, won't stop me from seeing. No, I wanted you to know."

Harry tilted his head, "I see… if that's all sir?"

Moody nodded, eye twirling, "it is, be gone with you."

Harry nodded, not surprised to see Hannah and Susan both waiting for him as he exited the classroom

"Everything okay?" Susan asked

"I think so, Moody is… he's an odd one."

"Is he one of dumbledores?"

"That I don't know, I think that for now he's tentatively with dumbledore, though his faith in the man is shaken."

"that's good right?" Hannah asked

"It is, it proves that the world is starting to see the old goat for who and what he is."


Harry tugged at his tie as they stood outside waiting for the other schools to arrive, Luna was by his side eying a group of fifth year girls, including Cho with distaste.

"You okay little moon?" Harry asked.

"I think the nargles are getting brave," she replied.


"Such a shame, I had hoped they would realise their place without the need of a reminder."

Harry eyed the group of girls, who when they caught him looking giggled and blushed, "your miles ahead of them, Luna love," he said, tugging on the end of her braid that he had spent the morning decorating with little silver bells.

"Oh, look my Lord," Luna said, leaning forward with her eyes up.

Harry looked up to see the carriages of Beuxbatons breaking through the cloud coverage.

"Do you think I would be allowed near the abraxan?" Luna asked

"I'm sure they would let you," Harry replied

As the carriages pulled up, the crowd grew restless, especially as Madam Maxime appeared. She was just as large as Harry remembered, towering over even Hagrid.

"Dumblydore," she greeted the headmaster, though where he once saw friendship, Harry now noticed how the French half-giantess seemed annoyed.

"My dear madam Maxime," the headmaster greeted, forcing her down so he could kiss her cheeks.

The whispers in the crowd grew as the students of Beuxbatons appeared, their light blue uniforms flying wildly in the wind, doing nothing to protect them from the harsh Scottish weather. Harry again noticed the almost unnatural beauty of some of the students, Beuxbatons had several students with creature blood.

"They're beautiful are they not my Lord?" Luna whispered

"They are," he agreed, although he noticed their beauty wasn't as overwhelming this time, he could look at Fleur without feeling her veela's compulsion, "though you're just as beautiful."

Luna smiled, "thank you my Lord," she said softly, a blush painting her face.

"Just look at them, don't make birds like that here... do you think they'll sit with us?" Harry heard Ron Weasley say loudly.

Rolling his eyes, Harry remembered just how terribly Ron had been affected by fleur last time.

Whispering to Luna, "I hope for their sake they don't, as somebody who has had the horror of Weasley flirting, I wouldn't wish it on another."

Giggling Luna scrunch her face, "I don't think the students of Beuxbatons would appreciate the lion's brand of chivalry, nor their table manners."

Eventually the crowds grew quiets, as the students of Beuxbatons huddled together, near the Ravenclaws, though if it was for warmth or to avoid the hungry stares of a few of the other students Harry couldn't tell.

Soon rippling took over the lake and a ships mast appeared, drawing sounds of awe from the gathered students.

As the ship docked and the students of Dumstrang got off, Harry noticed that the former death eater didn't even try to hide his malice. The man radiated it freely, clearly upset at being forced by Dumbledore to do anything. Still seeing him drove a spike of annoyance through Harry. He didn't like traitors, and Igor Karkaroff was a traitor.

"Igor, my good man, a pleasure to see you," Dumbledore exclaimed happily.

"Headmaster," Karkaroff replied, nodding his head.

As the students dismounted behind their headmaster, the crowd broke out in shouts as Viktor Krum became visible.

Harry watched as the teen stood awkwardly; Karkaroff was clearly trying to force the teen into the spotlight, a place that Krum didn't seem to want to be, judging from the scowl on his stern face

"Poor sap," he muttered.

Eventually they were all herded into the hall, though a few members of both school's contingent stayed aside, clearly those who would be giving their schools introduction shows.

Taking his seat at the Ravenclaw table, Harry waited for the introduction shows to start. Once again, they didn't disappoint; the Beuxbatons students glided as though weightless, their dancing graceful, and illusions delicate. Once finished, thunderous applause exploded from their stupefied audience as they join his house table, where the remainder or the Beuxbatons students had sat.

Dumstrangs introduction was no less magnificent, though it was entirely different. Their dancing was more along the lines of parkour, using harsh and quick movements and acrobatics. Still, it was fascinating to watch, and received the same rigorous applause. Once the finished, they moved to the Slytherin table to join the school mates, sitting with the snakes.

Once everybody was seated, Dumbledore stood, extending his arms to the side in greeting, "what marvellous displays of magic from our guests. And speaking of guests I must welcome you to Hogwarts. This year we host the tri-wizard tournament, meaning that amongst us now sits a champion. To all of those brave enough, who want to compete, I wish you good luck. Now, I know were all hungry, so I shall keep this greeting short and simply say, tuck in."

At the last word a feast appeared; the food that appeared was reminiscing of the welcoming banquet, though there where a few more exotic dishes that Harry now recognised.

Helping himself Harry watched as the older years introduced themselves to the French schools' students. He wasn't close enough to really interact with them, though he did smile slightly at the few who glanced his way. He had nothing against the foreign students, and hoped to maybe get to know them.

"This will be a fun year my Lord," Luna hummed, drawing her attention as she bit into her coq au vin.

Forcing himself to relax, Harry nodded, hoping she was right.


Marvolo looked through the papers that gringotes had sent over. The identities for his followers were coming together nicely. He was again reminded how lucky he was to have Harrison in his life. With the help of the goblin nation, his plans were coming together smoothly, help he wouldn't have if it wasn't for his little raven.

"My Lord," Lucius called, knocking on the door.

"Enter," he called.

Marvolo had started construction on his own manor, as although he did like his followers, he wanted his own home.

Lucius came in, dressed impeccably as always, in robes worth more than some people earn in a month.

"I have news about the tournament," the blonde said.


"The schools arrived today, representations from the ICW arrived to be impartial judges. Apparently, Dumbledore and the other head teachers have submitted their plans for the three tasks. The ministry is putting together a board for their approval. I've made it so I will be on the board."

Marvolo nodded pleased, "you've done well Lucius," he acknowledged.

"Thank you, my Lord. I will try my best to ensure the tasks are as safe as possible, even if Harrison isn't entered."

Marvolo hummed, "I fear that won't be an easy task. The tournament is in its nature dangerous. The very reason it was cancelled was due to the death rate. Still, I'm sure your efforts will be enough to minimize the risk of fatality. Also, Lucius there is one more matter I wish to discuss with you."

"Oh? My Lord,"

"Barty Crouch Jr... his fate."

"He died in Azkaban a few years into his sentence I believe."

Marvolo hummed, he couldn't tell Lucius how he knew that wasn't true, so instead, "I can feel his mark is active. He is alive."

Barty was a loyal follower and devoted to his cause. Marvolo knew from what Harry said about his last life that the man was also relatively sane.

"I will look into it my Lord," the blonde promised

"Look at his father, Crouch sr."

Lucius nodded, "of course my Lord."


Harry sat watching as the goblet was wheeled out, it would be out of the entire weekend, and names would be called on Monday.

"It would be amazing to be picked, non?" a softly accented voice said, drawing Harry's attention.

Next to him was one of the male students from Beuxbatons, the boy had golden hair and silvery eyes that seemed to glow, and Harry didn't doubt he had some veela in his family tree.

I could think of other words to describe it," Harry replied.

"My name is Bastian Lebeaux, may I have your name, ma petit?"

"Harrison Potter-Black."

The boy tilted his head, "Harry Potter? I av hear of you, though but dey made no mention of your beauty."

Harry laughed, "although I am flattered by your compliments, I'm not free to return them."

"Oh? I ad suspected. You avent reacted to ze allure of any of uz. I am guessing You 'ave a boyfriend?"

Harry nodded, "I do,"

"''ow romantic. 'E is lucky, you must care for 'im greatly to be immune to a veela's power, not dat we are using it on you, but some always leeks, causing attraction."

Harry laughed, "still, do you wish to compete?" he asked, drawing the conversation back to the goblet.

Bastien scrunched his nose delicately, "I 'ave enough galleons, and glory, well dat is relative, but non, I think I would like to watch better."

"I agree, the danger isn't worth it."

Still Harry watched as multiple people from all three schools approached the goblet to enter their names, his heart skipping a beat momentarily when he saw that Cedric Diggory was amongst them. What happened to Cedric was a shame and Harry hoped that if the Hufflepuff was chosen again this time he would survive the tasks.


Albus dropped his last drop of the brat's blood onto the parchment and watched as the name Harry Potter scrawled across the paper. He was reluctant to use his last drop of the boy's blood, but knew his latest plan needed it. The goblet wasn't an easy thing to fool after all.

"You know what to do," he told the red head opposite him.

"Why does he get to compete?" Ron whined

"The tasks are dangerous; the boy will be forced to reply on us or risk death."

Ron grumbled but nodded, "this will work right?"

"of course," Albus snarled, insulted he was being questioned by the boy.


The weekend passed without incident for Harry, and he soon found himself back in the great hall, where the atmosphere was positively electrified, as students whispered about the upcoming champion draw.

As the food disappear dumbledore stood, drawing the attention of the gathered crowd.

"The time has come for us to hear the names of our champions," he announced, how he longed to look at the Potter brat, to see his face drain of colour when his name was called but he refrained.

A piece of paper shot from the goblet then, catching I he read, "from Beuxbatons, we have Fleur Delacour."

The crowd broke into cheers as the French quarter vela stood, smiling radiantly.

Another piece shot out, "from Dumstrang we have, Viktor Krum."

Again, the crow exploded, this time even louder as Krum's fans were clearly excited. Only quieting down when the third piece of paper shot out.

"And finally, from Hogwarts we have… this can't be, Harry Potter!" he bellowed

A few clapped before realising the majority weren't.

"How? He's underage?" "Probably cheated." "I don't understand, what's going on?"

"Harry, my dear boy, stand up and join us," the headmaster instructed, eyes flashing brightly.

Harry sat, trying to contain his anger.

"No," he said, causing more whispers.

"Harry, it's okay that you entered."

"I didn't," he replied, vice hard. Again, the whispers exploded

"What does he mean?" "Clearly lying "I thought he was like 12?"

Albus smiled internally at the whispers… he needed harry isolated and alone.

"Now my dear boy, your name has been chosen, you're a tri-wizard champion come up here and join us."

Bastien who was sitting opposite him looked conflicted, but nudged Harry with his foot, sending him a supportive smile.

"It will be okay 'Arrison," he tried to reassure.

"Remember what I said my Lord, magic knows you and will help if asked," Luna said, eyes narrowed towards the Gryffindor table where Ron Wealsey was loudly shouting about how much of a cheat Harry was and how he didn't deserve the honour of competing.

Standing Harry nodded, he walked toward the two other champions who both looked rather confused and offered them both smiles, "sorry about this," he said to them, before turning to face the crowd.

Raising his wand to his throat he cast a Sonorus before speaking, "I Harrison Potter-Black do swear on my magic that I did not enter the tri-wizard tournament either myself of through any other means," the crowd went silent as he made his vow, many gasping as magical vows were sacred.

Albus internally snarled, the boy's friends would be less likely to abandon him if they knew he didn't enter. How dare that brat not follow the script he had planned in his head?

Severus was at war with himself, he knew that when the mutt found out he would be apocalyptic, with good cause. The competition was dangerous. Yet a part of him was proud of Harrison and how he was handling the situation, which judging by the stiffening of his shoulders, wasn't how albus had planned.

Harry though wasn't finished, trusting Luna he continued, "I call on mother magic to hep me, punish those who entered me in this tournament and free me from competing."

The room stilled as magic filled the air, the flames of the candles growing as shadows danced across the hall.

The parchment that held Harry's name quivered in the headmaster's hand, and although he fought it, it eventually got free, bursting into flames before the crowd of now shell-shocked students and teachers.

Albus stilled, this was bad, very bad. It was not what he had planned at all. As the shadows grew, he felt one run through him, leaving him feeling weak.

The goblet quivered, anther name shooting out.

With a hand that was visibly trembling albus took the parchment, "Ronald Wealsey," he announced, relieved, though his plans were ruined.

"What?" the red head screamed; face drained of colour.

"You have been chosen to compete." The headmaster repeated.

"But- but- his name came out first."

"Harry Potter is no longer a champion," Moody's voice interrupted, echoing across the silent hall. Everybody had been silenced by the ongoing events.


"Magic has chosen you," Moody repeated. Magical eye spinning wildly between, the visibly weakened headmaster, the angry Gryffindor and the slightly surprised Ravenclaw.

Oh, he knew albus was getting desperate but this... this was bad. He didn't know how his old friend would be able to worm his way out of this one. And he didn't know if he wanted him to…

Albus blinked, the crowd was whispering again but this time they were eyeing him and Ronald with disgust and distrust.

"Ah there we have it our three champions. Off you lot go…" he said, almost running from the hall.


Harry stood next to the two foreign champions, "good luck," he wished them

"Vat was dat?" Krum asked, voice hard.

Harry couldn't help noticing how the older seekers eyes shone with intelligence.

"I didn't enter and had no desire to compete in a dangerous competition where the reward isn't worth the risk, no offence."

"No… your headmaster, dat was, it was…"

"Suspeesiouss…" Fleur said seeing the other boy struggle to find the word.

"Dumbledore is…" though before he could answer a voice cut him off.

"With me Potter," moody all but growled.


"Your father is no doubt on his way or will be when he finds out what happened. I think its best you come with me and your head of house to the headmaster's office to wait for the inevitable fall out."

Harry nodded, please that moody didn't seem happy with the headmaster.

"No! don't want to!" Ron's bellowing voice broke through the crowd as Harry followed his defence teacher towards a very annoyed looking Flitwick.

"Mr Wealsey you will compete, or you will lose your magic, you name was called by magic itself!" McGonagall berated.

"But it was supposed to be him!"

McGonagall pursed her lips clearly angry, "enough, you will control yourself and not bring any more shame to our school."

"Harrison are you okay?" his head of house asked as they approached.

"I…" Harry cut himself off, "I will be."

Flitwick nodded, how he wished he could curse the headmaster sometimes, "best come with me, I sent Sirius a patronus, so he is no doubt already on his way."

Harry nodded, he didn't doubt Sirius, and probably Lucius, were already in the headmaster's office causing as scene.


Sirius felt his magic crackling as he stepped through the floo and knew that if it wasn't for the hand tightly holding onto his shoulder, he would have cursed the old man sitting before him.

"Ah Sirius, Lucius, this is a surprise," Albus had the audacity to say.

Still before Sirius could retort the floo light up again, and out came Amelia bones, a few other aurors that Lucius recognised, Rufus Scrimgeour and Cornelius fudge.

This time Albus did look surprised, and slightly concerned.

"What brings you all here?" he asked.

"Alastor sent me a message," Amelia said, "I passed it on and we all thought it best to come here. I see he also contacted lord black."

Sirius nodded in greeting, "actually Professor Flitwick contacted me, though moody may have tried after I left."

"Now my dears, although tonight's events have been shocking, I don't think there is any need for such an intervention from our government and law enforcement," Albus said.

"You don't think," repeated Amelia, "and that is the problem. This isn't the first time I've been in your office in recent years headmaster, and I am becoming rather sick of the sight of it."

"Simple misunderstandings."

"Misunderstandings? Once again, my son was attacked, and you call that a misunderstanding!"

"Attacked? Harry wasn't attacked tonight" Albus denied.

"His name was entered into a tournament famous for killing its participants!"

"A prank I'm sure, you liked pranks as a child as well if I recall."

Sirius snarled, "as a child yes, but as an adult I now see that my childhood pranks were wrong, and I am ashamed of my actions. I should have been punished for them and taught that my actions were wrong. This wasn't a prank headmaster; my son could have died."

"I'm okay dad," a soft voice said, drawing the attention of the crowd.

Harry walked in followed closely by moody, Flitwick and Snape who had joined them. Seeing Severus, Sirius felt a wave of shame go through him, he did honesty regret his teenage actions. Sirius went to his son, inspecting him with his eyes for any damage.

"Are you sure pup?" he asked softly once close enough to pull him into his arms.

Returning the embrace, Harry nodded, "I called on magic to punish those who harmed me, Ron's now competing, and the headmaster looks ready to keel over."

"Mr Potter-Black, why is it always you're somehow involved in the messes I find at this school?" Amelia said, smiling at her niece's friend.

"Honestly madame I have no idea," he replied.

"Mr Potter, I mean Potter-Black, a pleasure to meet you," Fudge said, pushing his way through in order to offer the teenager his hand.

"A pleasure Minister," he said, shaking the offered hand.

Albus sneered, before covering it with a smile, "I don't understand why you're all here. The issue resolved itself."

"I suppose you could set it that way, but the boy had to call on magic to resolve the injustice done to him albus, Magic!" Amelia stated

Albus frowned, he didn't understand what had happened, calling on magic didn't usually do something so extreme, only those truly favoured got such a powerful intervention it wasn't right that the brat got one, he wasn't worthy. If anybody deserved magics favour it was him! Now he was left feel weak as him magic was drain in punishment.

"Indeed, he did, Harry my boy, why did you do something so dangerous? Because of your actions Ron is going to be forced to compete."

Harry didn't roll his eyes, but it was a near thing, "Like I would have been?" he stated, before continuing, "Magic thought he deserved to be punished, why I'm not sure, though I would guess it had something to do with my name being drawn originally, I don't wish to point fingers but magic punished the guilty I'm sure you can all draw your own conclusions."

Amelia pursed her lips, entering somebody else's name wasn't a crime but she wasn't impressed.

"I'm sure this Is all a misunderstanding," Albus repeated, hoping nobody would notice his own weakened state.

Not knowing that everybody there could see him shaking and concluding he too played a part in this fiasco.

"ABLUS!" a screech came from the fireplace as Molly Weasley came barrelling through.

The witch looked awful, hair in disarray and clothes ill fitting as she visibly looked slimmer.

"Molly dear, what can I do for you?" the old wizard said genially, though internally he was snarling, he didn't want to deal with her theatrics right now, especially with an audience.

"That boy-!" she screamed before realising they weren't alone, her eyes soon found harry and she launched herself at him, hands and fingers extended like talons, as she attempted to claw his face, "you!"

Harry winced as the woman was hit by multiple spells, he didn't know who sent what, but the Weasley matriarch was thrown towards the wall and bound in rope before getting the chance to come within a meter of him.

Albus stood, "really now, there Is no need for such violence."

"She tried to attack my son!" Sirius snarled his wand out and still pointing at the witch.

"She was merely upset," Albus tried to calm them.

"I'm upset, you don't see me attacking people," Sirius replied.

Molly stirred then, eyes locking onto Harrys with a fury that shocked him, "YOU wasn't killing my precious girl enough? Now you're trying to kill my Ronnie!"

Harry titled his head, "I didn't hurt ginny, I thought she died in an accident?"

"She did Mr potter, Mrs Weasley is just struggling to accept that," Amelia assured the young man, like Sirius, her wand was on the deranged woman, "do you want to press charges, Lord Black?" she asked.

"Charges?" Albus repeated, "surely there's no need, molly is still grieving."

"Are you mad man? she attempted to physically assault an underage heir," Fudge said, blustering angrily.

"He killed my daughter!" Molly screamed.

Harry winced, though he turned to face Amelia, "erm I don't think charging her will help, but could she maybe be forced to see a mind healer instead?"

Amelia smiled "I think that would be a great idea, Harrison."

Nodding to her two aurors she told them to move the woman to St. Mungos.

Albus sighed as Molly was escorted trough the floo. He would make the brat pay if it was the last thing he did!

Sirius watched the woman go through the flame's wit narrowed eyes.

"Don't do anything yet mutt," a smooth voice whispered into his ear.

Turning his head slightly, he nodded at Severus who had come up behind him silently, "she's going to regret going after my pup," he replied just as quietly to the man, silver eyes flashing with promise.

Severus smirked at the darkness Sirius now wore so proudly "I'm sure she will," he agreed.

"Albus, you need to get a grip, this tournament means the eyes of the world are on us. Already they judge us because of this mix up" Fudge said before turning to Harry, "not that I blame you Heir Potter-Black…"

Turing back to the headteacher he continued, "I refuse to be the laughingstock of the world. You promised me that you had everything under control- This doesn't look under control!"

Harry stifled his laughter, though he refused to look at Sirius wo looked about ready to burst.

"Cornelius, the tournament will be fine. The tasks are almost ready, we're just waiting for the final approval."

The minister huffed, "it better be," he said dramatically, "come on Amelia, I think we're done here."

The woman nodded, not before sending another dark look at the old wizard. She had more notes to had to her file on him.

Watching them, Albus fought not to curse, how dare they?

Sirius huffed a laugh at the old man's poorly concealed rage. Moody however stared in disgust at the man e once called friend. How had Albus become so twisted? When?

"I suppose we should be going as well," Lucius said, causing Sirius to frown. He missed his pup.

Seeing this Harry hugged him, "I'll see you soon," he whispered into his chest.

Tightening the hug Sirius breathed in the scent of his son, "you will. Stay out of trouble, yeah?"

"I always try," Harry joked, before being escorted out of the room by Flitwick.

Watching him go, Sirius turned to face Dumbledore, "leave my son alone Albus. I won't warn you again."

With that the two lords entered the floo, both going to Malfoy manor as they knew the Dark Lord would want to know what had happened.

Albus snarled, how dare that mutt threaten me? The Great Albus Dumbledore!

"Really Albus," Moody said.

Turing to the man whose presence he had forgotten, Albus tried to regain his calm.

"What were you thinking, entering the boy? Moody scolded.

"I don't know why-"

"Don't! don't lie to me! I can see your exhaustion. Magic is punishing you just as much as the Weasley boy! You can't hide it from me Albus, my eye sees all!"

Albus snared, "you don't understand. The boy needs to be controlled, he's a danger to us all if left alone."

"He's a teenager. One with an interesting past, I'll give you, but that's all! Your obsession with him is getting out of hand!"

"He is the only one wo can fight the Dark Lord!"

"The Dark Lord is dead!"

"He's not, you saw him!"

"No, I saw a man. A young Lord whose ideals are making him extremely popular."

"That's just a ruse! Its him I know it is!"

"Like you know Potter is a danger?!"

"He is! They are!"

Moody sook his head in disgust, "you're wrong Albus, and I done with this. I'll do my year, teach the students, but don't come to me for anything else."


"You need help Albus."

Dumbledore was shocked to the core; how could his followers abandon him?