Jack Harkness hadn't really made a conscious decision to dine alone. He couldn't spend another evening alone in that big house, so he had decided to wander around the Bay aimlessly, needing the hustle and bustle of people to calm him down. He'd found himself outside an up-market restaurant and, realising he was hungry, boldly stepped in. He whistled appreciatively as he took in the modern decor and minimalist styling. He was seated at a table and studied the menu, practically salivating at the thought of some of the food. He purposely didn't glance at the prices, knowing full well how expensive the evening would turn out to be. But he decided he didn't care.

"Come On, Jack" he thought, "live a little!"

He quickly decided on what he was going to order, but was still pouring over the menu when he heard a gorgeous Welsh voice at his shoulder.

"Good evening, Sir, Are you ready to order?"

Jack looked up, and gasped. There, standing before him, was without a doubt the most gorgeous Welshman he had ever seen, and he prided himself on the fact that he'd seen a fair few. The man was dressed in a suit that fit in all the right places, and the deep blue shirt brought out the impossible grey-blue colour of his eyes. His hair was perfectly styled, and his face was controlled, but still somehow had a hint of irony.

"Um...I, um..." Jack stuttered, trying to pull himself together, "Can I have the scallops, then the butternut squash risotto, please?"

The waiter nodded, smiling, "Anything else you would like, Sir?"

"Yeah you on a platter" Jack smiled weakly, "No, thanks, that's it"

The waiter nodded and turned away, giving Jack an amazing view of his retreating figure. Jack breathed. It had been a while since he had seen someone so effortlessly sexy. He gestured for a young waitress to come over, and she obliged.

"Yes, Sir? Did you need anything?"

He shook his head, "It's Jack, and no, thank you, but could you tell me who that is?" he nodded in the waiter's direction. The waitress smiled knowingly.

"Ah, that's Ianto, Ianto Jones" she sighed, "Gorgeous, isn't he?"

"Hell, yeah!" Jack breathed, "Is he...?"

"What, gay? I'm not sure; he tends to keep himself to himself. But I've seen him flirt with pretty much anything"

Jack laughed, "Sounds like my kinda guy"

Just as the waitress burst into a giggle, Ianto came over, a steaming plate in his hand. He raised his eyebrows at their laughter.

"Is everything alright, Sir?"

"Oh, yes, it's perfect" he grinned.

"Enjoy your meal" The waitress smiled, turning to leave.

"Don't worry, I will" he winked suggestively, looking up at Ianto, who was still standing there with the plate. Jack noticed he was hiding a grin at the banter between Jack and the waitress.

"Here you are, Sir" he put the plate in front of him, and almost immediately turned to leave, but he uncharacteristically waited until Jack had taken a bite.

"Oh my God!" Jack moaned, "This is amazing!"

"I'm glad you like it" Ianto breathed, caught off guard by how attractive he was finding the man in front of him. It was unnerving, but there was something about him that made Ianto want him fervently. He rushed away from the table before he could get too flustered, going behind the bar where the waitress was working, smirking to herself.

"His name is Jack" she said as Ianto got to the bar, "And, yes, he's bloody gorgeous!"

"Tosh!" Ianto feigned shock, "I can't believe you'd say that, he's a customer"

Tosh rolled her eyes, staring at him until he sighed dramatically.

"He is very handsome"
Tosh giggled, "He totally likes you"

"Shut up, of course he doesn't, I'm just his waiter"

"He asked me about you, ya know"

"What did he say?"

"That's between me and him" Tosh grinned, walking away to take somebody's order. Ianto smiled after his friend before carrying on with his work.

It was three hours later, when the restaurant was closing for the night, that Tosh ran squealing up to Ianto, who cringed away from her ambush.

"Whoa, calm down" he said, "What's wrong?"

"A customer left his wallet, and guess who it was?!"

Ianto shook his head, confused.

"A certain Jack...Harkness" she beamed, checking the driving licence in the wallet, "Oh My God, you have to go give this back to him, then ask him out"

"Tosh, what are we, 12?!" Ianto rolled his eyes, "I'm not gonna 'ask him out'" he added, imitating Tosh's voice.

"Well, fine then, I'll just have to do it myself"

Ianto snatched the wallet out of her hand, unable to meet her eyes as he grabbed his coat. He could feel her triumphant gaze on him as he headed out of the restaurant. He wasn't sure what he was doing, but there was something in him that needed to see this intriguingly attractive man again. Studying the wallet as he walked, he found out more information on Jack. His full name was Jack Harkness, 34, according to his driving license, and he lived in a rather up-market part of Cardiff. What Ianto couldn't find out, however, was whether Jack was single, and he couldn't really work out why he actually cared. It wasn't as if he would ask the guy out, judging by the address, Jack Harkness wouldn't be interested in a man like him.