The New Girl

(Play Script)

*Girl walks into a high school and bumps into a jock*

Girl; I'm so sorry. I'm such a clutz.

Jock; Watch where you're going!

*Girl picks up her books and wanders off to her locker*

Random Guy; Hey, I'm Braylen. You're new here at North Moore High, right?

Girl; Yea, my name is Alicia.

Braylen; Well, it's nice to meet you, Alicia.

Alicia; Thanks. Likewise.

Braylen; Have you got your schedule yet?

Alicia; Actually, no. I was just on my way to get it.

Braylen; Mind if I tag along?

Alicia; No, no. Be my guest.

*They stroll down the hallway to the office*

Woman; May I help you?

Alicia; Yes, I'm Alicia Brooks. I'm here to get my schedule.

Woman; Oh, yes. Welcome to North Moore, Miss Brooks. I'm the office secretary here. My name is Mrs. Roberts.

Alicia; Hi.

Mrs. Roberts; Here is your new schedule, Miss Brooks. I hope you enjoy your year at North Moore.

Alicia; Thanks. I guess I better get going if I wanna get to class on time.

Mrs. Roberts; I'll see you later.

*Alicia and Braylen leave the office*

Braylen; May I see that?

Alicia; Sure.

*Alicia hands her schedule to Braylen*

Braylen; Oh my gosh!

Alicia; Yea?

Braylen; This is so ironic!

Alicia; What is?

Braylen; We have all the same classes!

Alicia; Hey, at least I'll know one person in my class, then, right?

Braylen; Yea, a lot of people here are jerks.

Alicia; I found that out the hard way this morning.

*A girl in a cheerleading uniform walks up to Braylen and hugs him*

Girl; Who's this?

Braylen; This is Alicia.

Girl; Oh, hey. I'm Brittany. I'm cheerleading captain and girlfriend of Braylen James Hill. It's nice to meet you.

Alicia; Hey. It's nice to meet you, too.

Braylen; So, this is awkward.

Brittany; Why's it awkward?

Alicia; Yea, Braylen, why?

Braylen; Well, I didn't tell Brittany where I was going this morning and I went with you to the office. I didn't tell you I had a girlfriend. I'm sorry.

Alicia; It's not like we were flirting or anything, so it's ok.

Brittany; I don't think so. He's obviously ashamed to tell people he's with me..

*Brittany's eyes start to water and she looks at Braylen*

Brittany; I guess I'll see you around, Braylen. It was nice talking to you, Alicia.

Alicia; You, too. Braylen, don't let her just walk away like that..

Braylen; Why? She's right. All my friends laugh at me for being a Junior and dating a Freshman. I need to clear my head before I decide whether to talk to her or not.

Alicia; Braylen, how long did you two date?

Braylen; 3 months. Why?

Alicia; How long have you known eachother?

Braylen; Since we were little kids.

Alicia; ok, then. Don't let her go now.

Braylen; Like I said.. I need to clear my head.

*First bell rings*

Braylen; Well, that's the bell to get to class. I guess since we're in the same classes, I can walk you to every class.

Alicia; Let's go.

*Braylen and Alicia walk into their first class of the day*

Teacher; Hello. You must be Miss Brooks. I'm Mr. Nelson. I'll be your English teacher this semester.

Alicia; Hi.

*Alicia sits down next to Braylen*

Mr. Nelson; I see you've met Mister Hill. He's a very good student. I'm sure he'll help you,

Braylen; Yes, sir, I will.

*Braylen smiles at Alicia*

…To Be Continued…