I gotta say English isn't my first language I just learn it at school ;D I just wanted to try to translate my story :) So if anything is wrong (and I'm sure there is) I'm really sorry ;) (This is the original story: .de/s/51d83da3000326581e6cf049/1/You-039-re-Not-Al one )

In the afternoon Sam came home from school. Dean was still working and John was researching about about their new case in the library. Sam trew his bag an his jacket in the corner of his room and flopped himself in his bed. Sam thought about the morning and moaned. He thought about how he was pushed around by the stronger and older boys from his class. How they stole his money. They do this for about two weeks. Sam could have fought back but he just didn't want to be the freak once. Who has to be alone in the recess 'cause no one wants to be with him. Sam lifted his t-shirt and saw the big bruise. They hit him. Again. He wondered how long he could keep it from John, and even Dean. Dean who always wanted to protect his little Sammy from everything. Sam moaned again and got up. The mere thought of how the boys from his class Jim, Eric and Chris always insult, hit an tease him, caused him to despair. "Dean wouldn't have let others do that to himself", Sam thought aloud. He thought about telling Dean but changed his mind. He didn't want to look like a loser and his Dad wouldn't have listend to him anyway. Sam grasped in the drawer of his nightstand and took his jackknife out. He went to the bathroom and locked the door in case Dean or John would get home. Sam flipped his knife open and put it to his forearm. The pain and the blood he saw calmed him down. The first time that day Sam relaxed.