Chapter fourteen

Three weeks into the summer holidays, Sirius received a letter from the unspeakables. They have been able to summon all the souls of Voldemort and found a way to summon the one from Harry's scar without killing him. They did say he would end up unconscious and it would hurt when they began. Once they had all the pieces of his soul then because of the prophecy, they wanted Harry to levitate Voldemort and the orb that held the souls into the veil of death. They know they might have to wait until he felt better, which shouldn't take more than a day at most.

Sirius showed Harry the letter straight away, 'I'll put up with the pain to get rid of him Sirius.'

Sirius smiled, 'I knew you would say that, which is why I already sent them a reply. We're going tomorrow. I've also told them that your girlfriend will be with us.'

'I miss Luna.'

'It was good to take some time pup even if you do miss seeing your girl. Now though, you can visit her or she can visit here. You can also go on proper dates if you want.'

'I want to take Luna out, on a proper date.'

'Now you can. Have you thought of where you might go?'

'If we were older I would say a nice restaurant, but that really wouldn't suit us right now. I think just something like going to a pizza shop, eat there then go see a movie. Luna hasn't seen a lot of the non magical world and she's never seen a movie, or eaten pizza.'

'I hadn't, until you showed me, now I believe Merlin must have invented that.'

Harry laughed. It's like what the muggles would say, food of the gods. Merlin was considered a god in the wizarding world.

Sirius had picked up Luna before the three of them headed to the ministry. His second cousin, Tonks met them at the apparition point. She was in her auror robes so she was doing this officially, but it was also because she was family.

It was the first time Harry got to meet Tonks, another member of his family, even if they were distantly related. With Harry being a metamorph, he had been hoping for a chance to talk to Tonks who was also a metamorph. They talked as she escorted them to the department of mysteries. She couldn't go in, only Sirius, Harry and Luna could.

Harry saw the thing that was Voldemort, 'I saw him in my dream.'

'Once this is done Mr. Potter, you will not longer have those dreams. We have kept him under the draught of living death, which is why you haven't had any dreams or feelings from him.'

'Thanks, I hated having those.'

'You will need to lie down. Once we begin, you will fall unconscious, but you will be fine.'

Harry nodded but he turned and hugged his godfather than kissed his girlfriend before he moved over to the large stone bed. Harry thought it looked like an alter to sacrifice people on that he had seen in the odd movie at the Dursley's. It only took a minute before Harry lost consciousness.

Sirius and Luna stood watching the two unspeakables work. They also noticed that Harry was in pain even though he was unconscious. Even though they hated the pain Harry was in, they knew this was necessary.

Both gasped when the black mist with Voldemort's face came out of Harry's scar. The unspeakable forced it into a crystal. The other unspeakable did some scans of Harry.

'He's completely clear of any taint. I will say this, he will be more powerful than he is now. We know he's a mage, this means he will be even more powerful than Merlin was. There is talk about gathering powerful people to lower the veil on all hallows eve. I believe Harry would have the power to do without anyone else.'

'Damn.' Sirius said as he stared over at his godson.

'I will say this. If Albus Dumbledore had followed through with his plans, your godson would have survived then his power would have turned on those who hurt him. He would have been the worst dark lord this world had ever seen.'

'Harry said once that he had thought about using his magic on the muggles that hurt him. He then said he didn't want to be like them, so he was going to use his power to help people, not hurt them,' Luna said.

'It's because of his good soul that Mr. Potter was able to keep that piece of Voldemort from taking over. Now the taint is gone, he will do what he said and use that power to help our world.'

Luna knew Harry had a good heart and a good soul, she was not worried about him at all. But she knew how easily that could have changed if Albus Dumbledore did what he planned and have Harry face Voldemort and be killed so the piece of soul was destroyed. The unspeakable just said he wouldn't have died but he would have become dark. Now Harry's good heart and soul be what Harry followed.

Sirius was happy for his godson but there was also a tiny bit of worry. If Harry had to face anything dangerous again, could he use his magic to punish. He didn't want to believe it. He hoped if Harry could lower the veil on all hallows eve, then speaking with his parents just might be what Harry needs to put his past to rest and begin his new life with his godfather, his girlfriend and his good and loyal friends.

It took Harry two hours before he woke up. He was given a potion that would heal his scar and another for the pain. Once the potions had done what they were meant to, Harry smiled as he sat up.

'I feel absolutely fantastic. It was like that thing was weighing me down. Now it's gone, I feel great.'

'It was weighing you down in a way. Your heart and soul were continuously working to make sure that piece did not take you over. It proves just how powerful you are Mr. Potter. Now, if you are up to it, we can finally be rid of Tom Riddle.'

'I'm fine and I want him gone.'

'Then follow me.'

Harry, Luna and Sirius followed the two unspeakables through a few other doors until they came to a room that looked like an old outdoor theatre. There stood the veil of death.

The unspeakable handed Harry the crystal. He didn't hesitate, he just chucked it through the veil. There was a long and loud piercing scream before it was silent. The other unspeakable levitated Voldemort's makeshift body to the front of the veil. He nodded to Harry who took over and made Voldemort move through the veil. There was another scream, this was a lot shorter, then it was silent once more.

'Thank you,' Harry gave both the unspeakables a bow before he hugged his godfather and girlfriend at the same time. He felt himself choke up because he knew now he could finally put his past to rest.

After the feast on the first of September, Headmistress McGonagall announced that those that wish to celebrate wiccan holidays, can and those that wish to celebrate muggle holidays can celebrate those.

Harry watched Hermione and some of the other muggleborns who had been trying to change the wizarding world into the muggle world. But due to the applause and cheers by three quarters of the students, the muggleborns realised they would have no hope in making witches and wizards follow muggle laws and customs.

The headmistress also announced that all students may now visit Hogsmeade and they will be able to visit the village ever second weekend, unless a student is in detention. She also explained how now she is utilising the house elves, ghosts and portraits to act as witnesses. They will be able to tell any of the staff just who were causing problems and who were the victims. Harsher punishments were going to be handed out. Bullying would instantly have a student suspended for a month and all privileges revoked. That meant no visiting the village, it also meant no quidditch, where you were a player or spectator. Anyone found to have used dangerous or dark curses on another person would instantly be expelled and depending on the spell, will depend on if the aurors were called or not.

'And my final announcement before you can head to your house rooms is about all hallows eve. I have spoken with an unspeakable who has informed me that there now is a way that the veil between the living and the dead can now be lowers at Stonehenge. You will need a signed permission form for you to be able to attend, but only those who have lost close loved ones can attend. Do not come to me saying you loved a great uncle that we could prove that you hardly knew. That will not get you permission to go. Now I know there are at least three quarters of the students and staff who lost people they were very close to you. It's time we again practice some of our old traditions and everyone believed this one is the most important. Now it's time for bed, off you go.'

Harry had seen Sirius wink at him during that announcement and Luna smiled. They, along with Snape and the unspeakables knew Harry was a mage. Only Sirius, Luna and the unspeakables knew it would be Harry that was going to lower the veil. Harry was going to be there, hiding using a robe the unspeakables wear. None of them wanted it known that Harry had this type of power. It was going to stay between a few in case another dark wizard turned up. It will also keep Harry protected from things like rumours.

Harry gave Luna a kissed before he headed up to Gryffindor tower with Neville.

'It is real Harry?' Colin asked the moment Harry stepped through the portrait hole.

'Is what real, Colin?'

'The veil between the living and the dead.'

'Yes, it's real. For one hour on all hallows eve the veil is lower so the dead can appear before their loved ones. It only happens at Stonehenge, which is why that was created. You can't touch the person who died, but you can speak to them. They will look almost normal, with just a light glow around them.'

'How do you know this Harry?' Hermione asked.

'Sirius told me then gave me some very old books on the subject. The Blacks are one of the oldest families in our world and they have some very rare and unknown books. It's fascinating. Even though I can't wait to speak with my parents, it's just the fact we can do this that is truly magnificent. It's a miracle really.'

'Um, do you think Sirius would let me read them?'

'He would, but he can't. Only someone in the immediately blood family can, if the head of house allows it. He is working with an unspeakable to see if they can make a copy of them. Right now the old spells won't allow them to be copied. They have to be handled very carefully as they are so old. I didn't touch them, Sirius just levitated them onto the table, then used magic to turn the pages. But anyway Colin, it's real and as McGonagall said, if you lost someone very close to you than you can be there to see and speak to them.'

'I haven't lost anyone. I would love to see it, but I'm not one of those that lose someone close. I just couldn't believe it was real when McGonagall said it. It seems impossible.'

'That's the wizarding world Colin. Sometimes the impossible become possible. Now I'm off to bed,' Harry gave Colin a smile before he headed up to his dorm room. He was exhausted. It had been a long day and he just wanted to curl up in bed and sleep.

On all hallows eve, the students and staff who lost close loved ones gathered in the great hall. There were many that were upset or angry that they could not go, but they did not lose anyone close. It was decided by the unspeakables that everyone could go the following year, but they felt that since this is the first time the veil was going to be lowered in more than seven hundred years, they should keep the numbers small and to only people who lost close family members, or in Sirius' case, his best friends, who were also his family even if they weren't blood.

There were a dozen portkeys ready. Harry was with Luna, Sirius, Snape and a few other students. The moment they arrived, Harry used his cloak to sneak over to the unspeakable who slipped one of their robes to Harry.

Once he cast the spell to lower the veil, Harry was going to remove the cloak and stand with his godfather and girlfriend. He knew Luna would be seeing her mother so it was going to be emotional for her. He knew he was going to be emotional as well. He would get to see and speak with his parents.

Right on eleven o'clock, Harry cast the spell. Everyone could see the veil and see how it seemed to lower towards the ground. Harry slipped the cloak back to the unspeakables than hurried to join Luna and Sirius.

There in front of Sirius was his parents. Snape was close, he wanted to speak to Lily. But he promised he would not take too much time from Harry or Sirius.

Harry held Luna's hand while she spoke with her mother. She had tears falling down her face so Harry wanted to be there for her. But he also realised he had tears falling down his face. He just stared at them while Snape spoke to first Lily, to apologise, then to James. James apologised to Snape and even said that Snape was a very brave man.

'Harry, my precious son. You've made us both very proud.'

'Mum, dad,' that was all Harry could say before he ended up sobbing. Sirius put his arm around Harry as they both stared at Lily and James Potter.

'We've been watching over you son. Let me say this, when that old man crosses over, we're going to make his afterlife a living hell,' James said.

That comment made Harry and Sirius chuckle. They were crying but laughing at the same time.

'Sirius, we don't blame you. He had it all set up. You've got the chance now to give Harry the family he deserves. All we ask is to be there for Harry. Be the parent we know you can be,' James said.

'That is my vow Prongs. Nothing and no one will prevent me being there for Harry, not again.'

'That's all we ask,' Lily said then turned to smile at Harry, 'You are on the right track Harry and what you told Luna is right. You are going to use that amazing power of yours to help our world. You already know what some people are like so you will know what to look for. It's also time you learn to trust and you can trust Sirius, Luna, Neville and your new friends. They will be loyal to you just as you will be loyal to them.'

'Live your life son, the way you want. Just always remember, we are in your heart and we are watching over you.'

Harry, Sirius and Snape continued to talk to Lily and James. But not once did Harry let go of Luna's hand. He did speak with Pandora Lovegood for a minute. He smiled when she said she approved of who her daughter fell in love with.

As the hour approached twelve, everyone said they're finally goodbyes. Right on twelve the veil began to slowly rise.

That's when the shock came. Lily and James became solid. They hurried to hug their son and Sirius.

'A gift was given to us because of what you have been able to do for our world and will do for our world. Always remember, we love you and are proud of you,' Lily said as she kissed her son on the cheek.

'We do love you Harry, it's time to live your life, which can include some pranking with Padfoot,' James ruffled Harry's hair making him laugh.

As the veil finally closed, Lily and James blew kisses before they to vanished from sight.

Harry stood with his arm around Luna and Sirius as he continued to stare at the place he saw and spoke to his parents. He knew in his heart he will speak with them again but he also knew he was going to do what they said. He would use his power to help their world, make it a better place. He finally got the life he always hoped to have and it began by trusting his instincts. Now, because he did trust his instincts, he will be able to speak with his parents once a year and use his power to make a better world

The end: