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Tony stood by the large computer in his lab, accompanied by none of his friends. Except the company of Pepper's phone call, and massive amounts of text messages. She was going on and on about how boring it was at school today, and how unfair her last English assignment is. Tony wasn't really in the mood to listen, so he only half-listened while she went on and on and on. Rhodey then walked in.

"Dude, there's such a thing called dinner, you know?" Rhodey said.

"Can't. Too busy." Tony said, without looking away from the screen. Then an alarm went off. It said there was energy buildup downtown. Tony lowered the mark01 armor and got inside it. Rhodey sat at his station and observed the screen. It was AIM, again.

"What are you up to this time?" Iron Man demanded upon arrival at the pier storage houses.

"Nothing you need to get involved in, Iron Man." They shot back.

"I disagree. This is something I'd want to stop." Tony said. Before Iron Man could make his first move, one of the AIM guys pulled out some sort of advanced gun-looking thing.

"What is that? It doesn't look like it's going to do much anything to me."

"Well, Iron Man, let's just say it's going to do a great number to you. And right now, we don't have time to patsy around and play our little games with you." The AIM guy pulled the trigger, and a gaping, swirling black hole appeared right in front of Tony. Tony gasped. What was this hole, how was it possible, and more importantly, what was it going to do?

"Enjoy the trip, Iron Man." The AIM guy returned to his burglary and ignored Iron Man's yelps and distress calls.

Tony was sucked into the hole by some force it was exerting on him, by some means of its own gravitational pull. Somehow, it was totally ignoring the earth's gravitational pull and having its own, equally powerful one.

Tony, after re-opening his eyes, found himself in the same spot in the same city as he just was before. But…things looked different here. They looked…a little less unreal. Tony stood, still in his armor, and walked around.

"Rhodey? Are you there, can you hear me?" Tony asked, into his comm. Systems. No response. He took his armor off, changing it into a backpack, and pulled out his phone. He dialed Rhodey's cell.

"Error. Not able to connect to trans-dimensional signal." The pod chirped.

"What? Trans-dimensional? That's impossible, this isn't a different dimension!" Tony said, aggravated. He had no way of contacting Rhodey. Or anyone, for that matter.

"It's as if that gun sent me to a whole different dimension." Tony explained to himself. He looked around the town, trying to find someone to help him. He strongly doubted there would be anyone in this town who would understand his situation, or even able to help him return home, for that matter. He walked into town to find the regular hustle and bustle of the city. However, none of the people he saw walking down the streets looked anything like the people he saw on the streets every day. He went further downtown, to where Stark International should be, but saw that it wasn't there. He asked people on the streets if they knew where it was, but no one even knew what it was.

Tony walked to the place where the Tomorrow Academy was, but it wasn't there either. Instead there was some middle school, hustling and bustling with short little middle school people. He asked the people there where the Tomorrow Academy is, but again, no one had heard of it. Tony was getting angry and annoyed, and no one in this weird dimension was any sort of help to him. He noticed a kid with spiky black hair, outlined with green, walking with a girl that had her dark brown, almost black hair in two pigtailed buns, blue sweatshirt, and another boy with lengthy brown hair and a green beanie. He walked up to them.

"Do you happen to know where the Tomorrow Academy is, at all?" Tony asked. They stopped and exchanged freaked out glances.

"Yo, I don't know if that place is even real. Do you have a problem or something?" The spiky haired boy asked.

"Yes. None of you people are any help!" Tony said.

"Well, what's your problem?" He asked Tony. Tony sighed.

"You're not exactly going to believe me, but I'm from a different dimension and got stuck here by accident; and I need help getting back to my home." Tony explained. The spiky haired boy pondered the thought for a moment, and then snapped his fingers, which were previously rubbing his chin.

"If you come with me, my gramps can help." The boy said. Tony sighed.

"Fine. I'll go with you." The spiky haired boy and his friends walked forward, and Tony followed along behind them.

Tony followed as they walked a few blocks to some sort of run-down electronics shop. The boy walked inside, followed by his friends and Tony.

"Yo, gramps. I think we've got a magical situation on our hands." The boy shouted into the seemingly empty and surprisingly low-tech electronics store. An old man in some sort of blue, Chinese robe came out from the back room.

"Magical? Yeah right. Magic isn't real." Tony said, matter-of-factly.

"What, are you some kind of genius? Of course it does." The spiky haired boy said.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I am." Tony said. The spiky haired boy rolled his eyes and turned to face Tony.

"Prove it." The boy demanded.

"Alright, then." Tony said. "Tony Stark, future CEO of Stark International. In the flesh. Surely you've heard of me." Tony explained. The boy looked confused.

"No, actually, I haven't. And there's no such company as Stark International." The boy said. Tony was annoyed.

"Well, then I guess I'm a stranger here. Fine. I'll show you proof that I'm a genius." Tony took a step back and pressed the center button on his black backpack. Soon, red and gold iron formed around him, surrounding him in a suit of armor. The three middle schoolers and the old man were speechless, mouths agape.

"What is that?" They asked at the same time. Tony smirked inside his armor.

"A fully-functional suit of weapons capable iron armor." Tony explained. He turned to an abandoned piece of metal lying on the floor and shot a repulsor at it. Everyone's mouth hung more agape.

"And I made it myself." Tony added.

"Woah. What else can you do?" The boy with the beanie asked. Tony turned his armor back into a black backpack.

"Got any tech in here to fix?" Tony asked.

"Tech? What's tech?" The girl asked. Tony sighed.

"Technology. Like computers or TV and stuff?" Tony explained. They nodded in sudden understanding. The boy with the spiky hair picked up a TV and handed it to Tony. Tony took one look at it and knew what was wrong automatically. He didn't even need any tools. He could do it all by hand. He opened the back panel and looked around at the wiring. He moved a few things around, moved wires, and in literally one minute later, placed it on the counter, plugged it in, and turned it on. It had over 5,000 cable channels.

They gaped even more.

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